I'm Just Tryin' To Tell Ya!    

Thanks to all that helped to bring "I'm Just Tryin' To Tell Ya!"  to life.

  1.    Regardless
  2.    In The Middle of Like and Love
  3.   The Other Side
  4.   Get Down Get Around
  5.   No More Trouble
  6.   Skip Rope With No Rainbow
  7.   You Are With Me
  8.   Fade Into The Background
  9.   Fast Food And Cars
  10. Carnival In Iowa
  11. Change Rearrange
  12. Don't Trust Anyone Over 30
  13. Chevy El Camino
  14. I Got Me A Dog

RegardlessIn The Middle Of Like And LoveThe Other Side
No More TroubleYou Are With MeGet Down Get Around
Carnival In IowaFade Into The BackgroundChevy El Camino

I'm Just Tryin' To Tell Ya!

Words and music by Phil Treais, Copyright 2005.  Produced by Phil Treais and Rick Beardsley

Phil Treais Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Organ, Harmonica, Synth Strings Rick Beardsley - Bass, Acoustic & Slide Guitars, Electric, Tambourine, Harmony Vocals, Autoharp  Jeremy Otto - Drums on 1,3,4,6,10 & 14  David Raminick - Drums on 2, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12 & 13  Dave Stuter - 12 String on 10, Telecaster on 6, Acoustic Guitar on 4  Mike Otterbine - Accordian on 7 & 14  Nick Pina - Trumpet on 1 Dave Coke - Background Vocals on 14

Digitally recorded at Maxwell’s Farm, Highland, MI   Engineered by Dave Coke and Rick Beardsley  Mixed at Method House, Clarkston, MI.  Mastered by Glenn Brown  Computer Tech Support Scott Gentry  Graphic Design Brad Fitzgerald 


Released by Groovetron Music® 2006   All rights reserved.  Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.  

Made by CDman Disc, Inc.



REGARDLESS:  A cab driver in Vegas named Jimmy originally set thetone for this song. Generally speaking, people move away, people get asked to move away, people get asked to stay away but regardless, (for whatever reason) there’s a road that takes you back, leads you back, hell, even if it’s only in your mind!

IN THE MIDDLE OF LIKE AND LOVE:  I admit it - I can be a hokey romantic.

THE OTHER SIDE:  To answer your question - yes I have slept in a graveyard and yes it will scare you. Sleeping underneath the stars around a nice campfire really wins out over graveyard camping, I think!

GET DOWN GET AROUND:  I can’t go into detail about this song because it’s such a collage of many people’s relationships. But, I do know that when lovin goes south and everything seems broken, either hold on or cut yourself loose. And remember, a black mark on your name is hard to erase.

NO MORE TROUBLE:  Dedicated to Woody Guthrie. A genius and one of my heroes.

SKIP ROPE WITH A RAINBOW: This definitely takes a mans point of view. This song might hurt the feelings of some woman out there that are in too big of a hurry to get hitched. Too bad!

YOU ARE WITH ME: This song is really from my heart. It’s about lost love ones, old friends and acquaintances. Eventually everybody goes away in the end.

FADE INTO THE BACKGROUND: It’s been fun. It’s been real. It’s been real fun. But I got to go...catch you later Groovetron.

FAST FOOD AND CARS:  Just think  - if for just one year- you were to add up all the money used to advertise fast food and cars. Take the expense for every single TV commercial, radio spot and newspaper and magazine ad and use that money to do something useful. What a better world it would be if everyone had health insurance -- especially children.

CARNIVAL IN IOWA:  This is a blatant example of a sappy love song. The main character in this song thinks his girlfriend is someday gonna meet up with him, be reunited and live together in love-bliss forever while they both work at a carnival in Iowa. Meanwhile all he does is eat cotton candy while he patiently waits for her arrival. She ain’t ever coming. Yeah, cotton candy and being love sick. Two great go-togethers! I think Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet should be redone using cotton candy. Someone do that please.

CHANGE REARRANGE:  This song is much deeper than you think. If I hadn’t got stuck in the mud and delayed for awhile then maybe I would have been the one in a three-car collision. There are things in life that time delay us and can essentially sidestep our Karma, our fate, the outcome.

DON’T TRUST ANY ONE OVER 30:  This song is just a plain old Bush-bashing tune with a hint of anti-neocon thrown in. At this point in time, it would be extremely difficult for me to vote for a Republican for a dogcatcher.

CHEVY EL CAMINO: I think this song has some Cheech and Chong-ness to it, don’t you?

I GOT ME A DOG:  I wrote this song when I was 18 years old. About time I laid it down. Also, remember to always report all animal cruelty to your local Humane Society.


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