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Words and music by Phil Treais, Copyright 2001.  Produced by Phil Treais and Rick Beardsley

Phil Treais Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Organ, Harmonica Rick Beardsley - Bass, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Tambourine, Background Vocals  Jeremy Otto - Drums  Jimbo Territo - String Synthesizer (Ann-Margret, Pyro Boy)  B.F. Brown - Electric & Acoustic Guitars (Gift Horse, Love & Romance, How Could I Not)  Dave Coke - Background Vocals (Bugs, Superhero, Love & Romance, How Could I Not)

Digitally recorded at Maxwell’s Farm, Highland, MI   Engineered by Dave Coke and Rick Beardsley  Mixed at Method House, Clarkston, MI  Scott Gentry - Computer Tech Support  Brad Fitzgerald - Graphic Design  Rick Beardsley - Cover Photo  Robb Raney  - Back Photo

Dedicated to my inspiration and muse, Christine Luise Territo 

Released by Groovetron Music® 2002   All rights reserved.  Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.  

Made by CDman Disc, Inc.

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GIFT HORSE: Good loving gone bad. Oh Damn! Awe Shucks! Don’t make the same mistake twice.

LOVE & ROMANCE: Power-packed attraction vs the steady current and flow of the river. 

ANN-MARGRET: Life’s too short. Be in love, make it work and make it last. If she is as gorgeous as Ann-Margret - cool!

HOW COULD I NOT: You find each other – you break up. You get back together – you break up. You get back together – you br…..

SUPERHERO: Have you ever been "helped" by someone that has really not been any "help" at all? Superhero takes it a step further and obsesses on the obvious.

PYRO BOY: The melody and the words came to me in a dream one night. The kid found a newspaper that had been saved for years. His pyro instincts got the better of him and he burned the paper…. he should have used a napkin or a paper plate instead!

SUICIDE SONG: My Grandpa Treais used to sing a little song while playing a ukulele. In the song he’d sing, "A man laid down by a sewer and by the sewer he died. At the coroners request, they called it sewer-cide."     This song was really inspired by a sad funeral I attended.  Don't forget that there is always hope.  The circumstances of pain and sorrow will subside.

BLANK EXPRESSION: Inspiration for this song came largely from my dog Babe, a yellow Lab. She was beautiful and brought great joy to many.  I know when I was speaking to Babe it was like talking to a brick wall - but her expressions were always priceless.

BUGS: Funny how a bug hitting my windshield transformed my thought waves into a melody. It does get a little tricky jotting thoughts down on a piece of paper while I’m driving!

THANK YOU NOW: As you travel through your life's journeys, remember to put yourself in someone else’ shoes from time to time.  Many people are less fortunate than you.

IT’S A PITY: It’s that feeling that hits you from time to time - we are living in a fucked-up world!