Phil has been in his musical "zone" since he was a wee one. He says the whole thing started when he bumped his head on his grandma’s piano at the age of three. Steadying himself, he grabbed onto the keys, heard the tones, and he has never looked back. Sure, he tried the piano lesson route when he was 13, but that lasted all of six months. He has a gift… and he knows how to use it! No pen to paper… just a great musical ear and creative soul!

Phil’s first performance was with a cardboard guitar in elementary school pantomiming with his band as they performed Beatles' and Rolling Stones' tunes. He later graduated to his first public performance with the Division Street Blues Band at Michigan State University’s Brody Fest in 1982. His piano and harmonica playing landed him member roles in the blues band Automatic Slim, and the rock/blues band Big Town, in addition to the Division Street Blues Band. Phil played with bands until 1995 when he began to perform on his own. All along his creative juices were flowing and his song writing began to take shape.  In 2001, Phil took time off from performing to concentrate on recording his first CD, Blank Expression.  The disc, featuring 11 originals songs, became available in November 2002.

Phil has been influenced throughout the years by artists that "have a bit of rain-dog to their style and certain independence." Those like Tom Waits, Jonathan Richmond, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, John Prine, Johnny Cash and the "real" King of Rock ‘n Roll, Chuck Berry.

In 2005, Phil once again took time off from performing to create his next CD, "I'm Just Tryn' to Tell Ya!", which features 14 original songs. I'm Just Tryn' to Tell Ya! was released February 2006.

In addition to his music, Phil is a hair stylist at Denny's Hair Studio, a family hair care business in Waterford Township, MI. Many of the songs he writes are inspired by conversations in the salon. Barbers and bartenders get the best scoops!


When asked about why he sings, the great John Lee Hooker remarked, "’cause it’s in me and it’s got to come out!" When asked why I write music, I can think of no better explanation. What I write about is influenced by what others say and do and by events large and small – and even by my dreams. It is how those things hit me…touch my inner soul and creative juices to elicit a melody or feeling that will later become part of a song.

You would probably laugh if you ever saw the pile of scrap papers on my dresser that I have accumulated. Each one bears a word, phrase or part of a story that I heard throughout my day that seemed unique – or just struck a chord in me somehow.  Anyway, I’d like to share with you what I was thinking about as I wrote each of the songs on this first CD. But I expect you to reach inside yourself and let each song hold its own special meaning to you and your spirit.

ENJOY!     P.T.


Groovetron Music was formed in 2002 to bring life to the "folky-groovetron" sound of Phil Treais.  The company is managed by Phil's own groovetron, Chris Morrisroe.   Contact Information